About me

Linguist and wordsmith in German and English. As a word and language enthusiast I help you reach and inspire your audience in the German-speaking market.

Hi there, I’m Helen.

As an expert for translation into German and English, I help solopreneurs, small, medium and large companies to communicate their values and passion in German or English. So, don’t get lost in translation and let us write texts that matter!

Are you ….

…currently really successful with your product or service and are gradually receiving more and more enquiries from abroad? You may be able to speak German, but you don’t have the time to translate your documents yourself?

You are fully aware that a quick machine translation is not the solution for accurate and sophisticated translations that appeal to your audience.

Or do you run a hotel or retreat and want to encourage more German-speaking clients to find you and feel at home


A perfectly translated German version of your elaborately created marketing materials would take you a great step forward.

How would it be, if…

…you would no longer have to worry about the German translation and creation of your texts for your website and marketing materials.


…your texts were tailored to your audience and enthuse your customers for your products and services.


…you were clear-headed and able to focus fully on your core business, because you know that your texts are in the best of hands.


This is where I come into play….

I share your passion and dedication for your field and know the ropes.

I know what it is like to be passionate about something and what it means to put a long-cherished idea into practice. Now the result of all the hard work wants to be communicated and step into the limelight.

My 15 years of experience in marketing – first in classic marketing and then in product management – play into our hands. 7 years ago, following my passion for the English and German language, I started my own business as a translator into German and English. Internationalisation and the use of my two native languages had played a major role in all my prior activities. Last year I trained as an Online Marketing Manager, as I have always been interested in the field and wanted to expand my services. As a consequence, I also offer writing texts in German and English.

What’s my secret

“I have focussed on areas that I call my favorite subjects. In my work I apply the same level of dedication as you do to your products and services. In addition, I enjoy familiarising myself with new topics. This ensures texts that you, your product and, above all, your customers deserve”

More aboute me

I am a language and garden lover. Having grown up bilingually, I love everything that has to do with my second home. As often as possible we spend our holidays in England.

Cooking is another passion of mine. I love taking care of my family with healthy recipes.

I love Downton Abbey and The Crown. Before I sit down at my desk in the morning, I do Yoga. After that, I am clear and focussed for the day. My this year’s goal is to learn the yoga handstand. I’ll let you know, if I did it….

You can also find me on a walk along the Elbe, at a coworking space or networking event in Hamburg, on horseback, on the road in our bus or in the garden.

In my blog you can learn more about my work, my areas of expertise and about me.


Let’s get started!